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If you're tired of the non-sense, the fluffy crap, the "look how great I am" guru stick, then you're ready to unlock the secrets behind a REAL story of perseverance and success. You're ready for transformation! 


Who is Troy...

After hitting rock bottom—losing his business, then facing a divorce and a harrowing life-threatening experience—Troy learned a series of transformational insights that are redefining the Self-Help Industry.

Troy has risen to become a premier coach in both business and personal transformation. Over the past two decades, Troy has guided thousands, turning his trials into a testament of triumph.


Unlock the secrets that are transforming an entire industry. 

Troy's programs stand out because they integrate cutting-edge strategies and battle-tested methods. Unlike generic programs, each of Troy's offerings are designed with a focus on achieving measurable results and long-lasting transformation. Click the link to explore more.


Student Success & Testimonials

Kevin Choquette

Founder, Fident Capital

Clarity and insight are a beautiful thing. Over the years,  I’ve worked with other coaches, business peers, and credentialed therapists. Troy has assimilated a drastically more potent, simpler, honest, useful, and more impactful program. The return has shown in business growth, my role in the world, the way I view myself and my relationships.

Net Score? 11 out of 10

Rachael Dardano

Owner, Internal Wisdom

Troy offers a profound healing experience. He intuitively guides you through what you need to be able to release and process, which allows us to gain inner peace. I always feel refreshed, lighter, more connected and present within myself when working with Troy.




Jake Dalton

2x Olympian & 4x World Medalist

I cannot recommend working with Troy enough. I didn’t know what to expect and I got more than I thought I ever could. Everyone has things they deal with and they’re not always certain how to deal with them. Working with Troy opened my eyes in a way I have never thought about before. Thank you for the Supercharge, Troy. 

Todd Durkin, M.A.

2 Time Personal Trainer of the Year, Author of IMPACT Body Plan

Troy is a passionate, caring and motivating soul. His comprehensive coaching does a masterful job formulating a winning game plan for your life. 

Leslie Cordova-Trujillo, M.A

Professor at Los Angeles Harbor College & Author of Dear Her

Troy provides a much needed spiritual, yet practical, approach to meet and exceed all your goals and in the process, create a great life. 

Ryan Simpson, M.A.

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Troy's Breathwork experience is an avenue to process trauma and pain by listening and returning to the body. In turn, we are called back to the home within ourselves. Thank you so much, Troy.

Mignon Lagatta

Owner, Haven Home Realty

I've had many coaches during my entrepreneurial journey, but Troy by far has been the most influential.  His holistic approach has truly transformed my growth. Troy's insightful strategies and personalized approach equal remarkable results. If you want to unlock your full potential and expand your entrepreneurial skills while reaching new heights both personally and professionally, I would highly recommend working with Troy. 

Yvette Kaunismaki M.D.

Founder, Memor Health

Troy has been invaluable in my career and personal development. He is a gifted individual who has the
unique qualities of intuition and an ability to push me to the next level. Troy has helped me identify stuck spots in my life and has guided me through transitions to scale my business and better
my life. Thank you Troy, for helping me to envision the career and life that is possible for me to attain.

Larry Indiviglia, M.B.A.

President, INDsights for Life & Author

Troy Fontana is a super talent in the coaching world. His passion, purpose and principles will motivate, inspire and challenge you to be the best you can be. Believe Troy, follow Troy and change your life in a powerful way. Your search for success is over.



The Tools You Need

Troy offers a range of transformative programs. Whether you want to become an industry leader with the Standout program, achieve peak physical condition with the Immortal Protocol, turn past traumas into superpowers with the Scars digital course, or enhance your relationships with the 40+ Blueprint. Troy is also the founder of Peak Performance Wellness, a integrative holistic business growth methodology. Click the link to learn more.

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