The Immortal Protocol by Troy Fontana


When I started my coaching career I was on a mission to help others live a healthy lifestyle. 

I helped countless clients lose weight, reach their fitness goals and burst with energy. From there, I decided to open my own fitness business.

Before long, my gym (Fontana Fitness) and myself were leading the way not only in the community, but in the industry as a whole.

I once lead an initiative where I helped my local community lose over 10,000lbs. in 6-weeks.

Frankly, delivering fitness results to others became easy for me. 

I learned the secrets (yes, there are secrets to master your health). 

Before long, I published a book, was recognized as "runner-up" for the personal trainer of the year award (an international award) and began sharing my philosophy in front of large audiences around the world.

Since then, I've gone on to learn the tricks of mental mastery, trauma healing, wealth development, relationship success, having charisma on command and more.

Now, I am reopening and reinventing my health secrets for you! 

I'm compiling 20 years of insights - results, in an easy to follow program. 

This is your chance for true change. To learn from an industry expert who transcended his industry. 

Get ready for your transformation. 


For those that like certifications and degrees, I've got those too. I'll list them here. 

Degrees: AAS, BS, MBA

Author, Climb to the Top

Founder, Elite Coaching Systems, Primitive Connection, The Bodhi (Breathwork) Method

Multiple Time Nationally Published Author

2009 Personal Trainer of the Year Finalist

2008 Personal Trainer of the Year Finalist

Former Profesional Athlete

Certifications: Too many to list here...

20 years of coaching thousands

What's included...

Complete Immortal Protocol

The complete Immortal Protocol is an 8-week program designed to not only help you lose weight and feel even better, but to help you burst with energy and stay forever young.

The program covers five key areas:

  • Sleep
  • Nutrition 
  • Movement
  • Hydration
  • Immune Defense 

While addressing the common challenges: 

  • How to stay consistent 
  • How to get results on a budget
  • Having lasting change
  • Make your progress progressive so you can actually succeed
  • Making your results a lifestyle - not a fad

8-Week Video Coaching

I will be walking with you hand-in-hand through the 8-weeks via a targeted video series.

Each week you will have an easy to establish "mission" to add to your routine. Leaving you with a total transformation by the end of the program.

Unlock the Power of Your Mind

This is me in my gym 15 years ago. 

At the time, I was one of the top trainers in the world (literally).

While my clients had amazing results, I was still missing deeper aspects of what creates lasting change. 

I've got those apsects covered for you now. 

This is Your Time for Real Change...


This is me and my Sister (Tyra) at the World Fitness Convention in Los Angeles where I was the runner-up for Personal Trainer of the Year. 


Todd Durkin, M.A.

2 Time Personal Trainer of the Year, Author of IMPACT Body Plan

Troy is a passionate, caring and motivating soul. His comprehensive coaching does a masterful job formulating a winning game plan for your life. 


Jake Dalton

2x Olympian & 4x World Medalist

I cannot recommend working with Troy enough. I didn’t know what to expect and I got more than I thought I ever could. Everyone has things they deal with and they’re not always certain how to deal with them. Working with Troy opened my eyes in a way I have never thought about before. Thank you for the Supercharge, Troy. 

Larry Indiviglia, M.B.A.

President, INDsights for Life & Author

Troy Fontana is a super talent in the coaching world. His passion, purpose and principles will motivate, inspire and challenge you to be the best you can be. Believe Troy, follow Troy and change your life in a powerful way. Your search for success is over.


10x Your Results

Experience a change that lasts a lifetime.


Bonus 1: 21 Day Fitness Program

I've enlisted the help of renowned fitness pro Miss Kyriee (IG@misskyriee). She has made an easy to follow 21-Day Fitness program to help you stay forever young. 

Miss Kyriee is mother to three kids and leads an online following of more than 125k.

She made this program simple to follow for you! 

Bonus 2: Forever Young Supplement Protocol

I have personally used supplements for over two decades. Supplementation can be a confusing process. I have broken the mystery and brought you the very best supplement program. 

Using this program helps you master your sleep, energy and boost your immunity. 

Bonus 3: Affordable

Nutrition & Grocery Protocol

Does buying the best foods to lose weight and feel great on a budget sound impossible? Not anymore! 

I share my secrets to help you quickly establish an affordable and easy to follow "anti-inflammatory" nutrition program. 


Top Features

  • Complete Immortal Protocol
  • 8-Week Video Coaching
  • Weekly Habit Missions
  • 21-Day Fitness Transformation Program
  • Forever Young Supplement Protocol 
  • Affordable Healthy Grocery Protocol